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Design, studies & engineering

Manufacture & maintenance

Anti-intrusion security barriers

Security and reliability

Heavy anti-intrusion barriers

This barrier protects sensitive areas against a rapid threat. It is designed for longterm and easy maintenance. It can resists to strong wing.

Contact us for more informations.

Competed project in Brest (France).


Light anti-intrusion barriers

Available late 2021.

Floating demarcation line barrier

This type of barrier is used to delimit a sensitive area.

Floating trash and debris barriers

Efficiency & reliability

Debris barriers are designed on request depending on your needs and environmental restrictions.


Completed project for CNPE in Fessenheim (France).

Heavy debris barriers

These barriers are designed to stop debris below or/and above the waterline. They withsand very strong currents and can measure several hundred meters.

Completed project in Malawi.

Light debris barriers

This type of barrier is suitable for low currents below 1 knot. It is possible to add 1 to 2 feet solid or mesh underwater screens.

Completed project in Laos.

PIG for flexible pipe inspection

Custom design, please contact us.
Designed to resist to sulfuric acid


For more informations, check on the website ITER Systems.

Marine photovoltaic light systems

Autonomous system to light up signs in maritime conditions.

Completed project in Toulon (France).

Anchor studies & solutions

ITER offers anchor solutions on demand. Please contact us if any needs.

Distributed products


Barrier and drome studies

ITER designs all sorts of barriers and dromes, our work consists of :

  • Conception studies (SolidWorks© drawings),
  • Implantation studies and anchor forces calculations,
  • Structural calculation notes and work plan
  • Numerical simulations

Barrier instalaltion work

Since 2013, ITER has an experienced team and nautical ressources for the installation of our barriers. Several miles of barriers have been already installed and maintained by the team.

En 2021, ITER will be certified hyperbaric workes and ISO 45001 (Health and Security at work).


Bathymetry services provided with the company ITER Systems.

About us

ITER is a team of experts at your service.




David is a former naval officer and engineer specialized in marine technologies.



Engineer consultant

Guillaume is in charge of sails and quality production. He coordinates the studies and make sure all is good for you.



CAO Engineer

Simon is our CAO engineer, he is the project manager.

Charles AUBERT

Charles AUBERT

Webmaster & assistant site manager

Charles is our designer, he is in charge of the communication and design process. He also works on site as an assistant.

Iter assists Worthington Products, Inc for the design, production, supply and installation of the barriers. «Our partnership with ITER takes advantage of by the complementary of the two componaies to design robust, turnkey solutions for our customers in the Middle East, Europe and Africa» Paul Meeks, (president of Worthington Products).

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